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Accounts receivable management of B4B in 1130 Vienna – your debt collection agency

We are experienced experts in the field of worldwide debt collection, B4B debt agency in Vienna with branch offices in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Clients with default in payments should be turned into good customer again!

Maintaining clients

Our goal as your debt collection specialist is to turn debtors with default in payments into long lasting clients again. This can be achieved by developing capable win-win solutions for clients and debtors. After the second reminder we therefore contact the debtor by telephone in order to establish payment arrangements.

Furthermore B4B provides after thorough research decision guidance if legal action is to be recommended or not.

Fast placement of debt collection files at B4B

Do you actually know how much money you waste? Late due dates reduce the success rate for collection receivable tremendously. B4B helps to recover your debts.

Guaranteed reduction of your accounts receivable

The longer you wait for your money, the more your business will suffer. B4B offers a collection system with very short action rhythm. Your newly transferred cases will be handled within 24 hours. We guarantee a reduction of your accounts receivable and the risk of bad debt loss. Your business is will generate new orders.

Our secret of success: one contact person for everything!

We help to increase your cash flow. Our strict organization, staff, trained for rapid intervention, and a lot of personal attention - that is our simple formula for success. You always have to deal just with one partner who will inform continuously about your cases and by e-mail or telephone.

Debt recovery service - worldwide

How many languages ​​do I need to learn in order to collect my debts? Not one. You just need to contact us. Our branch offices or affiliated partners represent your interests worldwide. You have one contact person in your native language, you do not have to worry about translations, legal standards and so on. We have the experienced and necessary local staff that takes care about all issues. You are free to focus at your own core business, we do the rest for you.

Legal proceedings

 Some companies are unfortunately particularly unwilling to pay or unable to pay. In case the out of court collection has remained unsuccessfully, the file will be evaluated by experienced lawyers. B4B supports by recommending whether or not legal action would be suitable.

Bad debt collection

B4B is specialized in bad debt collection. Uncollectable claims are monitored on a long term basis. We examine if the financial situation of your debtors has changed in order to start with reasonable collection activities, where required. Additional earnings will be generated thereby for our clients.

Insolvency proceedings

In case of a bankruptcy we will lodge the claims for our clients all over the word.

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