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About B4B Forderungsmanagement & Inkassoges.m.b.H. in 1130 Wien

B4B debt recovery agency in Vienna is a professional and liable partner in national and international debt collection management. B4B collection agency has branch offices in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, as well as global network partners all over the world with experience and extensive know-how in international receivables management for many years.

After years of experience as a branch manager and managing director of international corporations in the collection business, Wolfgang Ottmann founded the company B4B debt recovery services in Vienna, Austria in the year 2002.

Our corporate philosophy is: We are an intermediary between creditors and debtors. Clients with default in payments should be turned into good customer again! The satisfaction of our customers leads to long lasting business relationships.

Know-how and expertise in all major world languages through all fields of business

B4B is particularly focused on global, cross-industry expertise. Through our branch offices in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, as well as a huge partner network of companies around the world, we can communicate in all major world languages.

Highest success rate in Austria

As a well experienced debt collection provider, B4B is able to offer one of the highest success rates in Austria of up to 77 percent and we are working hard to improve our services continuously.


Would you entrust your money your betting shop on the corner? No? Neither does B4B. That is the reason why we want to be your partner. We are specialized in the field of debt recovery management and definitely among the best. The basis of our actions and all our developments is very simple and hence very successful.

Our strategy is based on three factors of success:

  1. standardized proceedings (clearly manageable processes, simple web-based status reports, equal processes all over the world, reasonable business collaborations and partnerships)
  2. personal support
  3. experience and extensive know-how in international receivables management for many years

No hidden costs - high level of transparency

You wait for your outstanding bills to come in and are unable to pay your own debts on time. Have you ever calculated how many discounts are lost, how much interest and fees have to be paid as result by yourself? Can you afford that?

We can help you to improve this situation with our long-term experience and a success rate of more than 75 percent!

If the debtor is ​​abroad, we will charge you only the agreed particularly favourably calculated fee for our local partner, no hidden costs or charges, expenses for translations, etc. You know from the beginning what it will cost you.

B4B is member of Inkassoverband Österreich

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B4B Forderungsmanagement & Inkassoges.m.b.H. in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland